What a special time of year autumn in New England is for me; the brisk clean air tinged with a chill, bright sunshine, and blue skies, or dark cloudy days of rain and cold – it matters not.

As with all things in this life, these conditions pass. I would like to suggest a practice for you to use; one that helps me be thankful each day. To find joy, simply experience each situation you face in life with a true sense of indifference. Not that ‘I don’t care’ type of indifference that is so prevalent these days; instead the one that springs from acceptance. Give it a try and let me know what the experience is like for you, ok?

It seems appropriate to share this poem with everyone as we, here in America, prepare to celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday. May you take some time to consider these words, go inside, notice all that you have to be thankful for. Then, I invite you to give thanks in a way that is meaningful to you….this week and every day.

Thanks & blessings be
to the Sun & the Earth
for this bread & this wine,
this fruit, this meat, this salt,
this food;
thanks be & blessing to them
who prepare it, who serve it; thanks & blessings to them
who share it
(& also the absent & the dead). Thanks & Blessing to them who bring it (may they not want),
to them who plant & tend it, harvest & gather it
(may they not want);
thanks & blessing to them who work
& blessing to them who cannot; may they not want – for their hunger sours the wine & robs
the taste from the salt.
Thanks be for the sustenance & strength for our dance & work of justice, of peace.
~ Rafael Jesus Gonzalez ~

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