Recently, I came upon this story. It reminded me of an important lesson that we will all benefit from remembering, so I thought I would share it with you.

Some years ago a telephone operator in a small Cape Cod town received a daily call from a man who asked the exact time. This went on for many weeks. Finally, the operator asked the caller why he called every day requesting the right time. “Because,” responded the caller, “I am the man responsible for blowing the whistle at noon each day.”

“Well, that’s mighty odd,” the operator replied, “because every day, exactly at noon. I set my clock by your whistle.”

A simple story, but an accurate parable of life. We are dependent on one another each and every day, and each life has a more far-reaching effect on others than is often ever realized.

I hope you benefit the world by reading this story and honor this small request.

Please be mindful of the impact you have on each and every person you encounter today….and savor the memory tonight before you go to sleep.

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